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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Personal Interest Projects

Students in Ms McMorris' class have been working on Personal Interest Projects (P.I.P's).  

Students will use an hour block of time each day for three weeks to direct their learning.

This is a time for children to explore something they are interested in or care deeply about.  

Children will fill out a plan, conduct research, and present their new learning.  

Some inquiry questions children are exploring are: 
How do you care for a pet turtle?
How do people find dinosaur bones?
Why are dolphins so playful?
What kinds of fish live in Lake Champlain?
What makes Simone Biles such a good gymnast?
How were Legos first invented?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Monday, March 20, 2017

Sign Up Now for Parent/Teacher Conferences!

Parent/Teacher Conferences: March 30th & 31st
Edmunds will continue to use the electronic scheduling system PTCFast to schedule our Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences.  This system will allow you to select the teacher(s) with whom you would like to conference.  If you cannot access the link directly, please cut and paste the link into an Internet browser:

Slideshow of the week!

Here is this week's EES slideshow!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sugar on Snow Party Right at EES!

Ms. Palmer and Mr.  Houchens' classes had an old fashioned Vermont sugar-on-snow party as a bee celebration. 
Mrs. Palmer boils the syrup to the right temperature.
Ms. Palmer's family makes makes maple syrup each spring when the days are warm and the nights are cold, creating the conditions for maple sap to run. It is then boiled into delicious maple syrup. 

For sugar-on-snow, the syrup is cooked to the magic temperature of 234 degrees. 
Pouring the syrup right onto the snow!
Winter Storm Stella brought us just the perfect conditions and mother nature delivered a beautiful day. 

Students enjoyed the hot sticky syrup which forms a taffy when put on cold snow, along with the traditional doughnut and pickle. Yummy!!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Exploring Human Origins at the Fletcher Free!

Edmunds Elementary students visited the Smithsonian... at the Fletcher Free! Second grade students went to the Exploring Human Origins exhibit at the Fletcher Free Library. Our Burlington public library was one of only nineteen libraries nationwide selected to be a home to the exhibit, which is sponsored by the Smithsonian. Here is a SevenDays video about the show.

  The exhibit focuses on the question, "What makes us human?" Students had the opportunity to examine skeletons and learn about our evolution.

 Children listened to a story called The First Drawing and then did their own drawings on a "cave wall" in the library.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Sound and Energy Science

Third and fourth graders from Ms. Palmer and Mr. Houchens's classes investigated sound dampening materials as part of their study on energy. 

Sound is a form of energy. Sound is a vibrations that travels in waves to our ears. Sound vibrations can be so powerful that they can make glass break! Some materials can dampen this vibration by absorbing the waves, while others, like a tile shower, allow the sound waves to bounce off and travel farther because the waves are reflected.
This happens because as sound waves move through a material, sound energy can be absorbed. Students conducted investigations into which materials absorb sound energy. Different materials yield different results, because sound energy transfers differently through varied materials.