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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Hour of Code in Library Tech Classes!

Hour of Code Hour of Code week began at EES with students in Mrs. Flaherty & Mrs. Goldsmith’s third grade class playing the “unplugged” technology game Robot Turtles during technology class in the library. Students learned the basics of coding by programming their turtles with the directions needed to successfully navigate a maze.

Once they became comfortable with this, they were able to add obstacles to the board to challenge their own coding skills. Coding encourages logical thinking, problem solving, persistence, planning, communication, and collaboration with others in completing the mazes.

Students were excited to be able to create their own programs and make the Robot Turtles move as they were coded!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Free Holiday Trees for 4th Grade Students

The U.S. Forest Service in Vermont is encouraging the families of 4th graders to apply for free Christmas tree removal permits to have a tree for the holidays.

Every Kid in A Park is a national initiative to give families of 4th graders free access the wonders of nature through free passes to National Parks. The Green Mountain Forest here in Vermont is a National Park. 

This year, as a one-time opportunity, families of EKIP-holding 4th graders can apply for a permit to cut down a tree in the Green Mountain Forest. You can read more about it here on the Vermont Journal, including all of the how-to details. 

From Vermont Journal: "Fourth graders that present a printed copy of the voucher may redeem it for an EKIP Pass and a Christmas tree removal permit at one of the U.S. Forest offices."

Permits must be obtained in person at  a Forest Service location. Families with the EKIP passes will have no fee, but even if you don't have 4th grader, you can obtain a permit to cut your own tree for just $5. Business hours at the Rochester Forest Service location are M-F 8-4:30pm., at 99 Ranger Road, Rochester, VT 05767. Call 802-767-4261 for more information. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Kindergarten Author Visit- Lynn Parrish Sutton

Kindergarten classes had an exciting visit from local author Lynn Parrish Sutton. Lynn visited the K classrooms and read one of her books, Animally. 

Then we did some great moving activities as we moved in ways that certain animals do. The kids moved a sloth..."slothily".

 Then they moved "friskily" like a foal and many other. Kindergarten has a focus on movement.

 She also led a cool bird craft with kids used fine motor focus. Each child was given an autographed copy of the book Animally. This was very cool! We learned a side note that Lynn's children (mostly all grown up now) attended EES.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Variety Show!

On November 9th, the Edmunds Elementary School had its first Variety Show.

This project was created by fifth graders Victoria, Esther, and Christina.

A team of about 10 fifth graders organized the events including creating expectations for performances and audience behavior, advertising, writing in the script for the MCs and creating the program.

Over 50 students participated in singing, dancing, playing instruments and creating skits for the event.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Warm and Cool Flower Paintings in Second Grade

Artists in 2nd grade used ink bottles and watercolor to draw and paint vases of flowers on very large paper, 18" x24".  Students experimented with shape and composition. Some students chose to keep all of their flowers visible within the composition, while others chose to let the flowers crop off the edges of the paper, suggesting a bigger scene than the viewer can see.

To see more student artwork, and to read more about the project, click here to visit the EES art room blog.  

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Middle Schoolers Mentoring Grade 3 Students!

Mrs. Flaherty and Mrs Goldsmith's 3rd graders have some special new friends!

We are partnering with Mr. Chandler's 6th graders as part of a new mentoring program. The EMS 6th graders all came to meet us and teach us a new game in October.

They were paired with a 3rd grade buddy and there were smiles all around. Since then, 2-3 6th grade mentors have come to our classroom each day for 20 minute visits where they assist their partners with academics or join in our class activities.

Our students are really enjoying getting to know their student mentors and having them around each day.

 We look forward to looking for other ways to expand these relationships. As teachers, we think having the 6th graders around is great and because Mr. Chandler has so many former EES kids in his class, we are enjoying reconnecting with some old friends!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Book Fair Success

Our annual book fair to benefit the school library was held recently.

Students, parents and staff were able to shop among a variety of books for items to enjoy themselves or gift to others.

Thank you to all who stopped by and to our wonderful volunteers for their help!  The event yielded over $5000 in sales, a portion of which will go to EES and EMS libraries.

Your support for our library is very much appreciated!